Saturday, February 7, 2009

expectant waiting

here i sit in the quiet
in the sanctity
of the morning time

oh, there are noises that want to
profane the holy if i will let them ~
muffled street noises
inside the house noises
head and heart noises

but in my set-apart chair
i choose to draw quiet space
around me like a cocoon
and bubble myself
in expectant waiting

deafening my ear
to all manner
of plotting intrusions
my heart stills
looking for the One
who will come and remove
beginning-of-day chill

who will gently probe the gray
for buried embers
who will coax forth hungry flame
to renew love again
for this new day


  1. It is a gift to be able to shut everything out and keep your time with Him holy. When I read your words I want to be more disciplined with my mornings with Him. P.

  2. This is beautiful...... I love the phrase 'set-apart chair' and 'bubble myself in expectant waiting'

    And I LOVE your last stanza.... wow.... I can feel Him fanning the embers even as I write this.....!

    I'm printing this off so I can tape it in my Bible.

    Thanks so much for sharing the treasure He's placed inside you!!!!


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