Monday, February 23, 2009


So on my walk this morning, I was conscious of gratefulness. Grateful for a fresh, new morning. For coolness in the air. For awakenings of early spring becoming visible in the brightly blossomed bush. In flower stalks sending slender shoots up tall while balancing tiny, delicate purple flowers at their tips. For blue sky mottled with whitish-gray cloud swirls. For the renewing of life in the park grass recovering green from a careless fire. For the birds giving life to the air as they fly and twirp and twitter. Grateful for legs that can stride briskly without pain. For eyes to see beauty in the common and uncommon around me. For ears to hear breeze rustling through trees; to hear the many varied bird songs and occasional dog barking. To hear passing conversations and snatches of music wafting through the air. Grateful for a heart filled with wonder and awe at the invisible God within and for the God made visible without through created things around me. Grateful for a sound mind to consider all these things, and for a voice to try and utter the welling up and tumbling-over gratitude wanting to burst out of me.

So grateful.
"Lord, accept my grateful thanks...."
(Psalm 119:108)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


fieri ~ Latin: to become, to be made....."become still so you can know who I really am"


to have, maintain, or occupy a place or position ~ to remain unmolested, undisturbed or uninterrupted.

be still

cease striving ~ be quiet ~ calm ~ trusting ~ attentive ~ waiting ~ not distracted ~ be fully present with Me.

and know

not just intellectually, but experientially be acquainted with ~ be intimate and familiar with ~ recognize the nature of ~ wonder overwhelmingly ~ hunger and thirst for ~ ingest and digest.


I just AM...from eternity to eternity ~ I AM everything ~ I AM everything you need ~ I AM everything you desire ~ whatever you lack I AM in you ~ I AM Jehovah ~ I AM Jehovah-Rapha ~ I AM El Shaddai ~ I AM Jehovah Jireh ~ I AM your supply ~ I AM the Lord ~ I AM God.


Father ~ Creator ~ Healer ~ Savior ~ Provider ~ Ruler ~ Omnipotent ~ Omniscient ~ Love ~ Peace ~ Just ~ Holy ~ Merciful ~ Sovereign ~ Good ~ Faithful ~ Wise ~ Gracious ~ Comforter ~ Intercessor ~ Master ~ Strong tower ~ Rock ~ Shield ~ Defender ~ Papa.

be still
and know

be still.


(psalm 46:10)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

expectant waiting

here i sit in the quiet
in the sanctity
of the morning time

oh, there are noises that want to
profane the holy if i will let them ~
muffled street noises
inside the house noises
head and heart noises

but in my set-apart chair
i choose to draw quiet space
around me like a cocoon
and bubble myself
in expectant waiting

deafening my ear
to all manner
of plotting intrusions
my heart stills
looking for the One
who will come and remove
beginning-of-day chill

who will gently probe the gray
for buried embers
who will coax forth hungry flame
to renew love again
for this new day