Sunday, October 19, 2008

a blossom and a butterfly

on my walk, i said a prayer for you today.
i prayed for your heart,
your pain, your not knowing.
and as i prayed,
God showed me a cactus
blooming late, unexpected....
there in the midst of many thorns
lay a beautiful, white
solitary blossom,
like a promise of hope
in the midst of pain.

on my walk, i said a prayer for you.
and as i prayed God sent
a majestic monarch butterfly,
like a promise of hope,
richly robed in orange and black.
as this regal creature flew by
he dipped his wings my way,
and lifted my prayer from off my lips
before soaring up and away.

i said a prayer for you today,
and God listened, and answered
with a blossom and a butterfly.


  1. I think you are so wise to look for answers in the midst of God's daily creating. A flower's beauty fades but in the moment you encouter and are touched ny it's beauty it speaks volumes! P.

  2. Pam -- another beauty!

    I've decided to go back to your very first posting and read every one, because to miss any of them, would be like losing a gem!

    I would love to post this poem of yours on my blog (with due acknowledgement and a link to your site) for my Simply Sunday posting.

    I like to focus on a more "God" theme on Sundays, and I think it would be perfect.

    Will you let me know if you feel comfortable having it on my site?


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