Monday, September 15, 2008

at last

slipped outside early,
inhaled deeply and
embraced the cool caress
of the morning breeze
with closed eyes,
eagerly nuzzling the
slight sharpness of the
air enveloping me,
as one would a lover
finally returned after
a long summer away.

stood there
savoring the moment,
heart aroused
to joyful anticipation
of intimate encounters
with God
in nature

hints of fall
in the desert ~
at last.

"there is...a season for every activity under heaven. "
(ecclesiastes 3:1)


  1. Hey! You're welcome. I found your blog because we have some of the same interests. You know how on your profile you write what you like to do? Well, if you click on one of those, it will show you people with other blogs that like to do that thing also. Hope that helps :)


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