Monday, April 23, 2012

Squash Blossoms

Spring is here in full force and there is no shortage of beautiful images to capture and share.  Living in the southwest we get to enjoy the rare beauty of cactus blooms in abundance, and it is truly a treat!  However, when I was at the Desert Botanical Garden the other day, what ended up capturing my attention were some gorgeous squash blossoms they had planted in the herb garden section.  So that is what I am sharing this week with "i heart macro".

a new blossom ready to unfurl...

an open blossom against a rusted beam

a gorgeous bloom up close

studio waterstone


  1. Wonderful photo story. Your last photo is just gorgeous! So clear and delicate.

  2. Gorgeous!! They looks quite similar to a trumpet vine blossom. That last image you shared looks fantastic. I think flowers are a perfect subject for macros.

  3. Pam, these are purely magical!
    I never realized that squash blossoms were so colorful!
    You did such a beautiful job photographing these!

  4. Oh my goodness- those are some gorgeous shots!!!

  5. Fantastic photographs. I am greeting

  6. Squash blossoms? So cool! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful finds for the Leap into Spring Challenge! I hope you'll join us this week for Rain/Water!

  7. thanks for visiting my blog. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous...

  8. Yowza! That first photo knocked me off my feet. I'll never look at squash the same again.


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