Saturday, January 28, 2012

"i heart macro"

I grabbed my camera this afternoon and ventured out into my backyard to see what I might find to shoot for "i heart macro" and "shoot.edit.submit." (links below).  Initially the Mexican Bird of Paradise didn't catch my eye as it doesn't have any of it's brightly colored flowers this time of year, but the more I looked at it my eye was drawn to the branches and the way the leaves hang down on them, so I aimed my macro lens at one, and liked what I saw.

The first picture is pretty much straight out of camera.  The second two I cropped and took some artistic license with using Aperture 3....I am continually amazed at the beauty found in such seemingly ordinary things!


studio waterstone


  1. I like what you created out of your original shot. Lovely work.

  2. PAM HELLO! I love what you have done with these leaves, and have to tell you something funny, I have one of these bushes, and was just outside taking photos of some of the leaves in my new vase got for the class. Good taste!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog also and the comment! Have a great week !

    1. Thanks Jeanne! Oh my, how funny that you were out shooting the same leaves! Can't wait to see what you do with them - be sure and share the photos so I can see :). Hope you have a great week too!

  3. It's so amazing these leaves look so different (and terrific) in each photo! Wonderful photos and editing!

  4. Beautiful work Pam, it's fun to play with images, highlighting their beauty.


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