Friday, September 21, 2007

hide n seek

you know how little kids
play hide n seek
how they hide
behind a skinny tree
arms and legs
still visible

or duck behind
an overstuffed chair
with their back end sticking way out
or cover scrunched eyes
with pudgy fingers
that they are not
at all

how often
do we play this game
with God
or with others
trying to hide
the real us
the us
we are ashamed of
the us
we fear will be rejected

but the response in God's heart is ~
I am sad
when My children
hide from Me
I want them to come
just as they are
without fear

know the truth
I love you
I chose you
I formed you
in your mother's womb

you are beautiful to Me
and I delight in you
please ~ don't hide

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