Friday, August 3, 2007

At The Right Time

Enoch walked many years with God
Then one day - at the right time
He was no more, because God took him.
Abraham was called the friend of God
And was promised that his descendants
Would be more than the stars in the sky.
He tried to fulfill this promise his own way
But his way did not work.
Then one day - at the right time
When Abraham and Sarah were
Too old to have children
They had Isaac their son of promise.
Joseph had dreams of high position and honor
Instead he was sold into slavery
And put unfairly in prison
And forgotten.
Then one day - at the right time
Joseph was released from prison and
His dreams came to fulfillment.
Moses was raised in Pharoah’s house.
He killed a man and fled in disgrace -
From wealth and position to lowly shepherd,
Moses hid in the desert forty years.
Then one day - at the right time
God called Moses from obscurity to leadership.
As a shepherd boy David was anointed
To be king instead of Saul
Yet for many years Saul remained king,
And David had to run and hide,
Until one day - at the right time
David received his rightful position.
Esther was a Jewish orphan girl in captivity
Then one day - at the right time
God raised her up to be queen
So she could save her people from death.
Hundreds and hundreds of years passed
As the Jews looked and waited for
The promised Messiah, their savior and deliverer.
Things looked bleak and hopeless…
When would He come and deliver them?
....“Christ came at just the right time
And died for us sinners.”

He didn’t come too soon or too late -
He came at just the right time
According to God’s wisdom and timing.
He’s doing the same in our lives today,
Coming at just the right time to rescue
Or to make good on His word
Or to answer prayers - in His way,
According to His wisdom over our lives.
At the right time.


  1. Beautifully written, Pam. and encouraging. A very heartwarming post. I'm so glad you have this opportunity to express the passion and gifts God has given you.
    Love, Lisa

  2. This is what I needed to hear this morning Pam. Thank you for your faithfulness in writing your thoughts on His Word and His heart for us. Our God is so good! Love, P


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